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       Gold Membership.................. £60


  1.  A Domain Name,
  2.  Create a one page website based on Biz Card Site
  3.  Hosting of your Website
  4.  Your own Email Addresses (three)
  5.  Permanent spot on the www."YourCity"Biz.com site 
  6.  Supply extra links to your website (Important for Google)
  7.  Free Updating of pages
  8.  Free Biz Card Site (Increase your chances of being found)
  9.  Free entry on adjoining City Biz websites for 1 year
  10.  Free entry on suitable other trade page .
  11.  Submit your site to Google and Bing
  12.  Submit your site to Google Business

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Yes I want to join, but would prefer to pay yearly.

                  £60 a year for the future years