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Takeaways are having a Tough Time

         Take-Aways, …..…Tales of Woe.

   I have met a lot of Takeaway Owners over the last 2 years:

 Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean (Pizza) and even Welsh.

All complained, “Our costs are going up, but our prices have stayed the same.”

Trade is getting more and more difficult, due to  Delivery replacing Collection

So in Nov 2012, I decided to do a Simple Profit and Loss account for a Takeaway, to try and show how they can save money, by having a simple Menu Website, instead of using an online company like Just Eat.

I was shocked at the figures I arrived at.

I then spent hours on the Internet, checking Business Forums etc, and questioning takeaway owners, whom I knew personally, to see if my figures were correct.

It appears my figures are pretty accurate.

So now my quest or sales plan is not so much about saving you money.

It is now about helping to Save your Business.

The obvious answer:

Charge more for food delivered,

Charge an extra 13.6% to cover the 12% you have to pay Just Eat.

BUT, if the other takeaways do not follow your lead,

                    you will lose customers because of your higher (sensible) prices.

So you need to work out:

How to reduce delivery costs,

How to get people to order from your own website and pay by cash.

Ideas have already come to my mind.

If you are already with Just Eat or another online company, you have to stay with them, to keep the customers who will only pay by card. You may be making little profit, but as long as the money helps cover costs you best stay with them.


 “Why do I need a Menu Website?”

“Swanbiz Menu Web Sites”

“Swanbiz Domain Name Menu Sites”


Even If you have no interest in reading more PLEASE CLICK  Profit or Loss

If you do not understand accounts, you should show it to your accountant


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