We Promote your Business on the Internet! If you have a Business, you know, you need to be found on the Internet
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 Welcome to 2016

             (RIP....Yellow Pages)

Most Customers these days do not use Yellow Pages.

Customers now use the Internet.

Customers also expect a Business to have a Website

You may have already realised:

That paying hundreds of pounds for a Website,

or even having a Website for Free.

 Is, a waste of time and space, if no one can find it.

AND more Importantly,

It is losing you money in lost sales.

Welcome to Your-CityBiz.com

  The Fastest Growing Advertising Websites in the UK

Easy to remember.     Easy to spell.     Easy to use

Restaurants, Takeaways, Hairdressers, Builders, Florists, Plumbers,

 Market Shops, all have stickers advertising Your city Biz.com

The COST, to be on “your-city”Biz.com,

 with a Direct Link to your Website.

Only………39p week

(Yes just £20 a year)

Can you afford, not to join?

Enter your website address
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